There are some skills that may no longer be deemed necessary in these modern times. However, they do add a pleasing aspect to everyday objects.

If you have already considered taking up something new and keeping ancient arts alive, then perhaps learning to blow glass is on your bucket list.


Finding a workspace

Of course, you won’t have the necessary equipment at home, but there are many places that offer courses on this interesting subject. Typically, an introductory course lasts a full day and is definitely suitable for beginners.

Group or individual tuition is available, making it a fun activity for yourself and your family or friends.

Dealing with molten glass can be a daunting prospect, but rest assured, all necessary safety measures will be in place. The furnace can reach temperatures of over one thousand degrees Celsius, and goggles and gloves will need to be worn.

This makes the workshop very hot, so ensure you take a drink regularly to keep hydrated and comfortable in this environment. All the equipment will be provided and instructions given by a qualified professional.


Glass blowing choices

Obviously, you can take your handcrafted object home with you to take pride or place it in your display cabinet, but not immediately. The glass has to cool overnight, so you will have to wait until you get your hands on your treasured artwork.

You may be given a choice as to what you wish to create, typically a paperweight or vase. And choosing the colours which will swirl through the glass is half the fun! Initially, you may begin by creating multi-coloured marbles, to get used to the process of handling the blowing iron and blowing glass bubbles.

So, if learning a magical, ancient skill such as blowing glass is on your bucket list, book a course now for a day to remember.



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