Have you ever wanted to make a photo memory scrapbook?

Digital cameras and smartphones have made photography accessible to all in recent times, and it’s so easy to share digital photos on social media. The only thing missing when posting pictures online is the tactile experience of looking at prints and sharing something tangible that you’ve created.

One beautiful thing about a scrapbook is that you can put anything in it, including material things that just aren’t the same when scanned as photos. Examples include receipts, tickets, menus, programmes, serviettes, or even the odd pressed flower.

Scrapbook pages often have other embellishments, too, such as stickers, glitter, or pieces of lace.

If you mix these keepsake items in with your own photos printed on photographic paper, you’ll have a souvenir of your life that’s real and not stored on a vulnerable hard drive or up in the cloud.


How to Produce Your Photos

There are many ways to produce prints nowadays. You can still shoot photos on old-fashioned film cameras and take them to be printed at a chemist. You can also print them yourself at an instant photo kiosk or on an inkjet printer.

A great way to create prints for a photo memory scrapbook is with an instant camera. These went out of vogue for many years, but today they’re back in fashion. The prints are created within minutes, and they’re ideal for scrapbooking.

You don’t always need pin-sharp photos for a scrapbook; what you’re aiming for is to capture life spontaneously in all its blurriness.

Choosing or Creating a Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are available pre-made, or you can construct your own pages before binding them together. Pages should be made from sturdy card stock or heavy craft paper.

Browse the internet for ready-made designs, which give you a template for constructing your own pages.

Of course, you can create a photo memory scrapbook with a general theme or for special occasions such as weddings or holidays. In so doing, you’ll be breathing life into your precious memories.



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