Do you want to eat healthier and add more flavour to your cooking? Have you always wanted to have your kitchen filled with beautiful scented green herbs that you can use every day?

They can add flavour to your dishes but many of the herbs have medicinal properties as well. Read our guide to succeed with herbs.

Where to Grow Herbs?

You can grow herbs just about anywhere where there is access to sunlight. You can create an herb garden on a windowsill or in your balcony. If you have a garden, you can use a raised bed for the herbs or grow them in beautiful flowerpots.

If your outdoor space is limited, go vertical.

You can create a layered stand from an old ladder or a pallet and add shelves or hangers in your patio. Layering herbs will create an interesting feature in your garden, maximize the space, and make it easier to tend to your herbs.

How to Choose Herbs to Grow?

Herbs can be divided into annual herbs that usually perish before winter and perennial herbs that either survive throughout the year or come back every spring. The perennial herbs in general are more tolerant and suit beginners better. You can start by growing your favourite herbs and add to the variety.

  • Basil is one of the easiest herbs to start with. You can even grow a basil garden from one store-bought basil plant. Take cuttings, put them in water, and as the roots come out, you can plant the new basil in its own pot.
  • Thyme is a tolerant herb that can be used in cooking, but it also has medicinal purposes.
  • Oregano is an easy herb to grow on a kitchen counter and it can be used in a variety of meat and vegetable dishes.
  • Parsley is a versatile herb that can be used in anything from salads to green juices. It grows well both indoors as well as in your garden.

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