Typically, people think of bucket list challenges as adventurous, one-off experiences with a hint of adrenaline.

But, that doesn’t have to be the case, it can be something as simple, yet equally rewarding as starting a collection. Perhaps you may have acquired an initial piece, that sparked your interest, and you wish to learn more. More obvious examples include stamps, coins, books, maps or autographs.


Research Your Collection

Initially, you could start with a broad idea in mind, such as glassware or porcelain. However, it can be much more satisfying to narrow down your subject and research more sought-after items. Learning more about your interests can turn a simple hobby into an investment.

You may find online forums, where like-minded individuals ask questions and post photographs of their collection.

Where to Buy

The best part about starting a collection is finding the items you wish to buy. Charity shops, flea markets and car boot sales can be a source of many hidden treasures. Or try an online auction platform, but be careful to study the description and look at the images.

If a rare piece is being offered at a bargain price, it may be fake. Start small, with cheaper items, so you can build a larger collection, before investing in carefully chosen more expensive pieces.

Don’t forget to display your collection attractively. There is no point in going to all that time and effort, just to pop everything into a box, out of sight! A curio cabinet with glass doors will protect the items from accidents while allowing them to be seen.

Smaller collections could be stored in binders, similar to a stamp album. Floating shelves are an innovative way to show off your collection and you can rearrange things to create an ever-changing display. A small bucket list challenge that can provide immense pleasure for years to come!


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