The feeling of being airborne is incomparable and for some people, it is an enjoyable start to their holiday.

If you enjoy soaring through the skies, then perhaps taking flying lessons is on your bucket list. This is much easier than you may have imagined, and trial lessons can be found at many smaller airfields around the UK. There has been a rise in gifting a lesson as a unique experience to celebrate a special occasion.


What to Expect on the First Lesson

Rest assured, that your flying lesson will be delivered by a qualified instructor. The day will start with a safety briefing before you head out to the runway to experience what happens during the pre-flight checks.

You will be asked to wear a headset with an intercom, so you can communicate with the pilot. Finally, you get to jump into the cockpit, ready for take-off!

After the initial climb to the desired height, you will be allowed to take control.

During your first lesson, it is unlikely that you will do anything more than keep the plane steady and flying in a straight line. This alone can be challenging enough! You will be in restricted airspace under the watchful eye of the control tower.


What to Expect from the Plane

Typically, you will be in a small two-seater plane, such as the Cessna 152, which is a light aircraft and easier to manoeuvre. The pilot will take back control for the landing, as this is a skill that takes time to learn.

If you enjoy the experience, you can work towards getting your pilot’s experience, and this initial lesson will count towards the required flying hours. Imagine the feeling of meeting this bucket list challenge and being able to say that you flew a plane!


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