Cooking is now seen as the new rock ‘n’ roll, and baking, in particular, is soaring in popularity.

This has undoubtedly been fuelled by TV programmes, such as The Great British Bake Off and MasterChef. If this is your favourite past time and you wish to share your knowledge, then perhaps you could add the idea of starting your own baking blog to your bucket list.

With the advances in technology, this is much easier than you might think.


Anyone Can do it

Previously, anybody starting a blog would require some knowledge of coding, and it could take days literally to build a website. However, now all you need is to have an account with any of the popular blog hosting platforms.

You will find templates ready to use, and comfortable “drag and drop” site builders. Your blog could be up and running within minutes! Next comes the fun part, adding your own recipes and photographs.

If you are brave enough to appear on camera, you could even start a YouTube channel, and add videos to your blog.

It can be easier to explain something using a video, rather than writing the instructions down. Many people are visual learners and prefer this method.


Making Money

Did you know, you can actually monetise your blog? What could be better than sharing your love of baking and getting paid for it?

This is called affiliate marketing. You can recommend products to help people in their baking adventures, and receive a commission if an item is purchased. Or you could have advertisements, and earn money if readers click on them.

Remember that everything on your blog should be original, so don’t be tempted to copy Mary Berry’s latest recipe and pass it off as your own! So, if starting a baking blog is on your bucket list, nothing is stopping you right now.



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