In the modern world, it’s easy for families to drift apart and become fragmented.

Many people get on with their busy lives and head separate ways. And some don’t see their families as much as they’d like to. If this sounds familiar to you, how can you resolve it? One idea is to start a family quiz evening.


How to Start a Quiz

You can start quiz evenings whether family members live near or far. These events can be gatherings in the home during healthy times, or they can be conducted remotely via apps such as Zoom or Houseparty.

Distance is not necessarily a barrier, thanks to modern technology.

Millions of people participate in pub quizzes in the UK. Usually, that involves teams of family or friends getting together and pitting their wits against others.

It’s good entertainment, and no-one takes it too seriously (okay, some might). You can hold family quizzes almost anywhere.


How to Organise Family Quizzes

The first obvious challenge when organising a quiz evening is finding a set of questions. There are many such sets available online, but it can be enjoyable and educational to write the questions yourself.

Usually, the questions will be general knowledge, and they’ll be broad enough that they can be answered by people of all ages. Alternatively, each team can include different generations, which allows niche questions referencing bygone eras.

A round of family-history questions is always enjoyable.

Once you have your questions, you need to designate a quizmaster, who reads out the questions. This role is less taxing on the brain, but it can still be a lot of fun.

Taking turns as a quizmaster or quiz mistress is a way to get all family members involved. Some might even prefer this role.


Prizes or Forfeits

To add extra buzz to your family quiz evenings, you can dream up prizes for the winners. Or, more wickedly, you can dish out forfeits for the losers.

Whatever format you choose, remember the whole point is to bring families closer together. Start organising your family quiz today!



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