Occasionally, a new trend may catch your eye, and you discover something new to add to your bucket list.

This could be the case if you have recently come across the name Marie Kondo, and are intrigued by her ideas. Marie has risen to fame by her revolutionary ways of tidying and de-cluttering, including her unique style of folding.

Rather than try and tidy your whole house, it would be easier to apply the principles to your wardrobe.


Getting starting online

There is plenty of advice available around the web to explain how to start, or you can purchase her book or watch Marie’s series on Netflix.

Essentially, there are five steps to take to de-clutter your wardrobe. The first one is simple enough, by simply arranging your clothes into different categories such as dresses or shoes.

Pick your first category and throw everything on the floor! Now you can really see just how much stuff you have.


Filtering down

Next, examine each item one at a time to see if it “sparks joy”. In other words, do you really love the item and can’t wait to wear it? If not, then you have to discard it, and part of the process is to say thank you to each item you are getting rid of!

The third step is to throw away any things that you are keeping for sentimental reasons, but will never wear again.

The fourth task is to fold your clothes the Marie Kondo way, which means storing your clothes vertically.

Finally, any clothes that require hanging should be done so in a specific way. This is to start with the heaviest or darkest clothes on the left side of the wardrobe, moving on to lighter items as you progress to the right-hand side.

Now you have achieved your task of learning how to Marie Kondo your wardrobe!



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