Getting a university degree is an ambition of many people, for a multitude of reasons. Not only do university graduates tend to land higher paying and more enjoyable jobs, but there are all sorts of social and networking benefits that come from spending a few years of your life getting a university degree.

The benefits of a university degree

Let’s start by talking numbers. University graduates tend to earn £10,000 a year more than non-graduate workers. Obviously, these numbers vary significantly depending on the career path that you choose to pursue but, in general, your income will benefit significantly if you have a degree – particularly if you’re interested in going into a field that requires professional qualifications, such as medicine or engineering.

“The advantages of university add up to so much more than just the certificate you gain at the end of it. A university degree can change your life in every way and makes for a great bucket list item.”

The networking opportunities of higher education

One advantage of attending university that many people tend to overlook is the people you meet and the social connections you build up. Your fellow university students will go on to do all sorts of exciting things and work in many different places. If you spend a little bit of your time at university meeting the right people, you’ll leave with a contact book full of names that are able to help you grow and move on in your career and life at the right moment.

Alternative routes of study

Of course, there are also correspondence courses and part time studying options that make it possible to get a degree without having to commit to full time study on campus. This is a great option if you’re looking to make a career change later in your life but already have commitments that would make it difficult to walk away from your current job.


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