Taking a closer look at various legendary musicians including Pete Townshend, Robert Johnson, Elvis Presley, Dave Brubeck, and Buddy Rich, to name a few, there is one truism which sticks out; you don’t have to read sheet music to be immortalised in the annals of music history.

In fact, many guitarists hold the view that learning to read sheet music is clichéd. However, the reality is, that reading sheet music is an invaluable skill that still holds a special place in today’s music industry. Here are four great perks that come with learning this skill.

It Helps You to Become a More Diverse Musician

Reading sheet music enables you to play dozens of musical styles, from blues and country to jazz and classical. With this varied repertoire of music genres up your sleeve, you will undoubtedly be a better all-around artist.

You Will Learn to Write Your Own Music

Tell any musician to write down their own composition, and you will be able to know if they have learnt to read sheet music or not; the difference is so clear that even the blind can see.

Putting your musical ideas down on paper allows you to play and share original musical compositions with other people.

Gives You an Opportunity to Reach Your Potential

Being a sight reader will enable you to reach your full potential as a musician, helping you to scale the heights of music. Although some people argue that playing from sheet music produces a mechanical sound, that may only happen when you’re just getting started.

With regular practice, however, your own style will surely come through. Don’t forget that breaking the rules comes after learning them.

Makes It Easy to Remember Music

As a musician, learning a piece from sheet music helps you to remember it better. You can visualise the music pitch rising and falling using those black dots, and speed up or slow down accordingly.

There is no need of relying on someone else for a reminder.

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