While murder mysteries have always been a favourite genre of fiction, there is now an abundance of TV drama shows to go alongside this theme.

Some of them may be said to be on the darker side, grittier and more realistic, particularly those from Scandinavia.

However, you may prefer the cosier mysteries, featuring the likes of Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot, and perhaps often thought that you too could solve the puzzle and identify the murderer!

Thankfully, there is a way to achieve this dream, by adding a murder mystery dinner to your bucket list.

How Murder Mystery works…

This make-believe weekend is now a popular way for people to get together, enjoy a delicious meal and watch the events unfold around them.

Often set in unusual locations or a grand country house, the guests gather together, swap stories and take note of their companions. The surprise element is that some of the attendees are actually actors.

Guests are encouraged to dress appropriately to match the theme of the evening; maybe the story is set in the roaring 20s, giving ladies a chance to adopt a flapper girl look.

The stories can be surprisingly elaborate, with many twists and turns happening throughout the three-course dinner. However, the actual “murder” generally takes place after everybody has eaten.

The relaxed atmosphere suddenly becomes charged with energy, with cries of horror as the body is found and identified!

A night of tension

This is now your chance to step in and play detective, with a view to solving the mystery and discovering who the murderer really is.

You will be allowed to question the other guests, without knowing which ones are actors. You may remember something they have said during dinner that aroused your suspicions.

Finally, you get to make your decision and unveil the dastardly murderer! Will you be right or wrong?

If the thought of taking part in these enjoyable evenings appeals to you, murder mystery dinners generally take place most weekends, giving you the opportunity to suspend reality for a few hours and show off your detective skills!

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