Located in Somerset, England, the limestone cliffs of Cheddar Gorge make up the deepest natural canyon in the country, with fantastic caves available to explore.

The gorge and caves offer adventure, history, nature and wildlife all in one visit. You can start with an adrenaline rush through rock climbing, and those who are particularly brave can try the Black Cat Free Fall, where you climb a 30-foot ladder and then jump — attached to a safety line that will ensure a gentle landing.


Ancient Humans

Another thrilling adventure is the chance to explore the caves and see where prehistoric man lived. Gough’s Cave is absolutely stunning, with fascinating secret caverns, an ancient meeting chamber, plus a myriad of stalactites and stalagmites. You should allow 45 minutes to explore every aspect of this natural wonder.

Through multimedia exhibitions, visitors can see stories of the stone age cave dwellers, and you see the cave where a 9,000 year-old-skeleton was found.

Children will be encouraged to look for the Black Cat of Cheddar, caused by a trick of the light, and during school holidays, they can even learn some stone age skills.


The High Ladder

Climbing the 274 steps of Jacob’s Ladder leads to a spectacular viewpoint, and includes four strategically placed rest stops to make the journey easier. The Clifftop Walk brings you back into the sunlight and has fabulous views on its three-mile route. You could also be lucky enough to see some of the native species of the area including primitive goats, Soay sheep and dormice. Keep your eyes firmly on the ground to spot the delicate Cheddar pink flower, which only grows here in Cheddar.

With such a variety of experiences available, there is more than enough to make a visit to Cheddar Gorge a full day out and cross it off your bucket list.



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