If you are looking for a new experience to add to your bucket list, why not try dining in the dark?

When you first think about it, the idea seems impossible, how can you purposely eat without seeing your food? It’s surprisingly popular, and many venues in the UK offer this unique sensory adventure.


What to Expect When Dining in Darkness

When you can’t actually see what you are eating, then all your other senses come into play, and you will rely on smell, taste and touch. Typically, it is a set menu, so you don’t know in advance what is going to be served. However, you are expected to inform the hosts if you have any allergies. You will be blindfolded throughout the meal, and guides will be on hand to ensure there are no unwelcome surprises or spillages as you negotiate the tricky task of eating in the dark.


An Enlightening Experience

It is said that we usually eat with our eyes first and that a dish has to be visually appealing. But by being denied the opportunity to see your food, your other senses will become heightened. The aroma of the food will be your first indication of what is actually being presented to you, and you will need to focus on the different ingredients that you can smell.

You may be somewhat hesitant to taste each dish, so start with a tiny morsel and savour its complexity.

At the end of the meal, it will be revealed what exactly you have eaten, and some venues provide you with a printed menu to take away to remind you of the experience. The whole adventure can make you think more carefully about your food in the future, and it’s a worthy addition to your bucket list.


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