If you wish to combine your love of our four-legged friends with a dash of adventure, then dog sledding with Huskies should be pretty high on your bucket list.

Of course, this requires a certain amount of snow for the full experience, which makes Scandinavia the ideal destination.

With relatively short flights from the UK, the countries of Sweden, Finland and Norway are within easy reach and often have the option to take shorter or longer trips with a guide.


Handling huskies

Huskies may look like a cute bundle of fluff, but in fact, they are incredibly strong and, hence, the ideal breed for pulling a sledge, complete with thrill-seeking passengers.

You will be surprised as to just what speed the dogs can attain, yet they will still remain under your control, or that of the “musher”, as the local guide is known.

You can choose whether to handle the dogs yourself, including harnessing them and feeding them, or have everything ready for you, and merely jump aboard.

Into the wild

If a day trip isn’t enough, you can take Husky safaris and head out into the wilderness for up to five days, with your own team of dogs.

As you travel through the northern wilderness, you will undoubtedly form a strong bond with your Huskies and will be sad to leave them at the end of your epic adventure.

Everything is provided, including the necessary cold weather clothing and all your cabins will be set up for your overnight stays.

You may be surprised to discover that it is possible to try Husky sledding in the Lake District, with no snow required.

The sledge will have wheels rather than the usual ski type of structure, but will be equally as thrilling.

So, if dog sledding with Huskies is near the top of your bucket list, you really have no excuse not to arrange your adventure at any time of year.

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