Riding the Trans-Siberian Railway is an adventure not to be missed.

However, it’s not easy to plan, and there may be local restrictions in place. Under normal circumstances, the train operates year-round, with a choice of interesting routes. And as it is a normal mode of travel for many Russian residents, it is quite safe for women and families.


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The summer months are obviously the most popular, with longer daylight hours to admire the scenery. But winter travel can be beautiful, as the Siberian landscape glistens with snow, and not to worry, the trains are heated!

Most of the cabins are four berths, so be prepared to share. However, if you prefer more privacy, you can pay for four tickets and get the cabin to yourself.

You need to decide whether to go eastbound or westbound, the most popular route being Moscow to Vladivostok.

What to Expect

The trains are not run for tourists, so don’t expect any luxuries, such as a bar or a hot shower in your cabin. However, the berths are comfortable, spotlessly clean and air-conditioned or heated, as necessary.

Food is available in the restaurant car, and while basic is freshly prepared. One thing to be aware of is that it is not a hop on and hop off service. Your ticket is for a single journey that takes you to your end destination.

However, you are allowed to get off the train for a few minutes at each stop to stretch your legs.

If an unusual adventure by train needs to go on your bucket list, then the Trans-Siberian railway is a great option. The stunning views of the Ural Mountains will stay with you forever!


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