Whether you are a keen fan of ballet or not, going to see the Nutcracker is a magical treat and should be on your bucket list.

Performances are often scheduled around Christmas time, but you can usually find a production year-round. So, what is so special about this ballet, dating back to 1892?

The History of The Nutcracker

Although The Nutcracker has a simple storyline, it will enhance your enjoyment if you know some of its history. It is a two-act ballet, and the score is by Tchaikovsky. Surprisingly, the first performance was not a success. But today, revenue from The Nutcracker can account for up to 40% of annual ticket sales for many ballet companies; such is its popularity.

The story tells of a girl who makes friends with a magical nutcracker that comes to life, and together they must fight the Mouse King. In the Nutcracker’s transformation into a prince, he uses an army of toys to win the battle. The second act introduces us to the beautiful Sugar Plum Fairy, but is it all a dream?

Where to See The Nutcracker

Without a doubt, the best place to see The Nutcracker in the UK is at the Royal Opera House. This historic venue is located in Covent Garden, in the heart of London. It is easily accessible on tube lines and main railway stations.

The venue has a selection of bars and restaurants to add to your experience.

The Nutcracker is a family show, and you can bring children over the age of five, but of course, it is your decision as to whether they will be old enough to understand and enjoy the performance. Seeing The Nutcracker ballet is a bucket list activity that will bring hours of pleasure and many happy memories.


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