At this time of year, thoughts turn to others rather than just adventure-filled ideas for the holidays.

It would be a lovely gesture to donate Christmas gifts to those in need. This could become a worthwhile annual tradition for your family and evokes the true spirit of Christmas. But with so many worthy causes crying out for help, how do you know where to start?

Local or International?

Your first decision is whether to donate closer to home or spread the love further afield. Your local hospital will probably welcome gifts for any children who are admitted over the Christmas period. But do check first if they have any rules.

Typically the items should not be wrapped, and they need to be new and unused, still in their packaging. You also need to ensure the gifts are age-appropriate, so for younger children, dolls, cot mobiles, bath toys, puzzles, etc.

Older children would appreciate action figures, toy cars, and colouring sets and crayons.

The Shoebox Appeal

Most people have probably heard of this initiative, where shoeboxes are packed with gifts and sent to children around the world. You need to do this well in advance to allow for delivery times, and you should be able to find a local collection point where the operation is coordinated from.

The advice is to wrap the lid and the box separately so it can easily be opened to inspect the contents. Make sure you label the box as to whether it is for a girl or a boy. Be aware that food items and sweets will not be accepted due to customs regulations.

These simple acts of donating Christmas gifts will bring a warm glow to your heart at minimal cost and goes to show that bucket list activities don’t need to be an adrenaline rush!


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