Interacting with these majestic, nearly mythical creatures is an experience never to be forgotten.

There are numerous places worldwide to enjoy this adventure, and it would be ideal to combine it with an exotic holiday. That’s not to be said it’s impossible if wanting to stay closer to home.

Swimming with Dolphins in Open Water

To get the best experience, it is better to swim with dolphins in their natural environment rather than in an aquarium or a pool. They are friendly, inquisitive creatures and will readily approach you in the water. The Bahamas is an excellent spot to find dolphins, especially Grand Bahama, for a guaranteed encounter!

Other options include the Galapagos Islands, although visitor numbers are limited, and Egypt, but only between May and July.

Discover Dolphins in an Enclosed Space

If perhaps you are not a confident swimmer, you may prefer a dolphin experience in an enclosed space. Seaworld in Florida has Discovery Cove, where you can enjoy 30 minutes of interacting with intelligent dolphins in shallow water. If you plan on taking your family, do be aware that all children have to be aged six or over.

Although dolphins are friendly creatures, there is always a slight risk when encountering wild animals, and you will be expected to sign a disclaimer. The cost of the ticket will also include unlimited drinks and food and access to beautiful white sand beaches and exotic tropical lagoons.

Swimming with dolphins is said to increase the production of endorphins in your brain, making you feel happier and more relaxed and relieving stress and anxiety. Many reasons to add swimming with dolphins to your bucket list!


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