If trying a pasta masterclass with an Italian nonna is on your bucket list, then you may well have been inspired by a recent Jamie Oliver TV series.

The famous chef travelled to various locations in Italy and met the nonnas (the grandmothers), who taught him the real secrets of pasta, passed down through generations. You can travel in his footsteps, or take the easier option of finding a class in your local area or even join a live streaming event. Using YouTube is also a possibility with channels including Pasta Grannies.


The Basics of Pasta

With dried pasta being so cheap to buy, some may consider it not worth their while to make it from scratch. However, the time and effort are definitely worth it, and nobody does it better than an Italian nonna. The variety of pasta shapes alone is quite bewildering. Still, a nonna knows exactly which one to use to match a particular sauce.

Spaghetti is the most famous, closely followed by penne, conchiglie, orecchiette and linguine.

The Pasta Grannies

If travelling to Italy isn’t an option, then watching the Pasta Grannies on YouTube is the next best thing. With nearly 800,000 subscribers and a new video added every week, there is no doubting their popularity. Taking a pasta masterclass can now be done in the comfort of your own home. Easy to follow videos and heartwarming stories will soon teach you the necessary skills and leave a glow in your heart.

Taking a pasta masterclass with an Italian nonna is a bucket list task that can be as easy to achieve as simply switching your laptop on and heading to YouTube. Your family and friends will be delighted to taste the newfound skills that will last you a lifetime.


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