Tasting different cuisines from around the globe doesn’t necessarily mean expensive flights and numerous holidays.

World food markets are becoming increasingly popular and can be found in most UK towns, particularly during the summer or Christmas festivals. Sampling the delights of a world food market is a great bucket list choice and will be fun and easy to achieve. Take the family and introduce them to new flavours they may not have tried before.


Borough Market, London

For those who may not wish to wait to visit a world food market, then Borough Market in London is open year-round. It’s a great day out, full of the sights and smells of delicious global food, with free samples available at most stalls.

The varied cuisines include Spanish, French, Croatian, Indian, Greek and regional specialities from around the UK.

The food isn’t cheap as it is crafted by artisans, but well worth trying as a treat!


The Best Food Markets

If you wish to head abroad to sample the local food on offer at the market, there are undoubtedly some places not to be missed. The Marche Bastille in Paris is the place to go as far as cheese is concerned, and warm Camembert with a baguette is a delicious pleasure.

Fish lovers will enjoy Tsukiji in Tokyo, where the sushi is as fresh as it can be. For a spicier option, head to the bazaar in Istanbul and lose yourself in the maze of food stalls.

Whether you prefer a market that embraces numerous world cuisines in the UK or want to head abroad for a state of the exotic, this bucket list option is something to be savoured! Get your taste buds ready for the journey of a lifetime, and you may find some new favourites to enjoy at home.


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