When you are thinking about what to include on your bucket list, have you considered what it would be like to experience weightlessness? You experience this sensation when there is a complete lack of gravity.

You will feel no or little weight. It is known as zero g- force and is commonly experienced by astronauts in deep space. In films and television programmes, you can often see examples of spacemen floating in their space capsules. Want to try it? Then you should find this article interesting.


KC 135

The North American Space Agency uses a plane called the KC 135 to create weightlessness used in the training of future astronauts. There are Zero-G commercial flights available in America where the plane flies in a “u” shaped curve.

When the aircraft reaches the very top of the curve, it heads downwards creating an environment with zero gravity. The plane eventually pulls up, but all the occupants in the specialised cabin will experience weightlessness during the descent.

How to try it

Has this whetted your appetite to try this experience for yourself? You can experience this feeling on trips organised by the Zero Gravity Corporation experience in America. The package includes 15 dives, each causing between 20 and 30 seconds of weightlessness each time.

They also offer photos and videos of your experience. Catering and souvenirs are also available for the complete weightlessness package.

A Space Flight Experience is also offered by a company called Ultimate High and is available in the UK. The new “Space Flight” experience allows you to feel the launch pad acceleration, then the experience of being weightless with zero gravity (Zero-G).

You will then experience the deceleration of Earth’s atmosphere on re-entry. Certificates are awarded as a souvenir and videos can also be provided.

Whether you would like to take a trip to America for the full weightlessness experience or have a trip in the UK to experience Zero G, the choice is yours. One more thing to cross off your bucket list?

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