Those who are fascinated by the mystique of the Far East will surely have a trip to the Forbidden City in Beijing on their bucket list. Just the name alone conjures up visions of exotic architecture and hidden treasures.

China may seem a far-away destination, but it is surprisingly affordable with flights from many regional airports. It is not actually a city, but rather a complex of palaces, dating back to the Ming dynasty.


A popular Chinese treasure

As you stroll around the fascinating buildings, you can imagine the imperial emperors going about their day to day lives with their families in the 15th century. As this is China’s most visited tourist destination, even outnumbering the Great Wall, you need to make plans in advance to get the most from it.

A knowledgeable guide will help bring the history and majesty of the palaces and museums to life and ensure you see the most important sections, without becoming too overwhelmed at the size of it all.

You could spend all day exploring and barely scratch the surface of the attraction, as there are over 8000 palatial rooms alone.

Mythical creatures

Your thrilling visit will be further enhanced by a little knowledge before you go, such as remembering to look up towards the roofs of the palaces. There you will see numerous statues of dragons, lions and phoenixes, often missed by visitors. Don’t forget to look out for the Gate of Supreme Harmony either.

An in-depth exploration of the Palace Museum is definitely a significant part of your visit, pausing to admire the spectacular jade and porcelain artefacts, before resting in one of the pretty courtyards.

So, if you wish to explore the Forbidden City in Beijing, prepare yourself for that 10-hour flight to the land of mystery, which is China, and cross the next item off your bucket list.

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