Anybody who has children will undoubtedly be aware of how quickly their house fills with toys.

Numerous gifts received at Christmas and birthdays will soon add to the collection. Realistically, many of these items are played with for only a few weeks before falling out of favour.

Maybe you have thought that the idea of donating some unwanted toys to charity would be an excellent addition to your bucket list.


Choose Your Charity

Before you even start sorting through the toys, you need to decide where to donate them to.

If the charity specifically relates to young babies, then obviously, it would not be appropriate to offer toys designed for older children. A local hospital would definitely be grateful for all donations, and they would be happy to accept toys for all ages.

Perhaps your local hospital has a neonatal unit that would particularly appreciate baby toys.


Check the Toys for Cleanliness, Health and Safety

When deciding on what toys to donate to charity, you must ensure they are clean and in working order. Check carefully to ascertain if they have any unsightly marks or stains.

Obviously, you don’t want to donate anything that is broken. Although electrical items may appear to be working correctly, be aware that they are unlikely to be accepted without undergoing specific safety testing. Soft toys should also be fire-retardant and labelled as such.

Donating some unwanted toys to charity is a bucket list task that will bring a great deal of pleasure to children in unfortunate circumstances. So, if Christmas or a birthday is fast approaching, then it’s the perfect opportunity to clear out old toys to make room for the new ones.

And why hang on to baby toys just for sentimental reasons? Pick your charity, check your toys and fill up those donation bags!



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