Those of a certain age may remember making their own paper garlands at Christmas and enjoying the sight of them being used year after year.

Bringing back this tradition is something to be considered for your bucket list. Involving all the family can create many happy memories. So what do you need to start?


Paper or Floral Garlands?

The simplest garland is created by just making paper loops and stringing them together. Packs of ready-cut strips of paper are easy to find and come in a variety of colors. More elaborate garlands may need a trip to a specialist craft store. You may prefer to put together a floral wreath, ideal for draping around the Christmas tree or trailing over the banisters along the stairs.

Evergreens are the best option for this type of decoration to ensure longevity.

Personalise Your Garland

If creating your own homemade garland is going to become a family tradition, you can personalize your decorations. For example, your children could write their names on the paper strips. Using a gold or silver pen will add to the festive feel.

Or you could allocate a specific color for each child to use. Imagine their excitement as they recognize their own garland year after year! If you store the garlands carefully, they could even be passed down to further generations.

Creating your own homemade garlands is a relatively easy bucket list idea to achieve. Not only will you have unique decorations for your home, but it will be a fun family tradition.

There are numerous YouTube videos that are perfect for inspiration and instruction. Let your imagination run wild and apply the same idea to other occasions, not just Christmas.


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