Looking into your family tree can be a fascinating past time, and is known as genealogy.

It is on many people’s bucket list and can be a worthwhile hobby, leaving something which can be passed down and added to by further generations. You may be surprised as to just how far back in time you can go.

Online Resources

There are dozens of websites that can aid in your research, some of which require a paid membership, but have the benefit of access to records which may otherwise be unavailable. Another fun aspect is that many of them have forums, where you can see if anybody is already researching your name and perhaps get a head start, or assist them further.

The UK census can provide valuable clues, which has been taken every ten years, going back to 1801. It shows the full names of the occupants of a property, their exact age at the time, their relationship, their occupation, and some of the earlier ones even show any medical disabilities.

Physical Resources

It can be possible to visit registrar offices to actually look for records of your ancestors. This will need to be booked in advance, and you may be charged a small fee.

Local libraries will have a lot of useful information, and old maps of your local area can be a good source of reference.

You may also discover a genealogy group, which you could join for helpful advice. Churches and graveyards can also help in your research, and make for an interesting day out in their own right.

So, why not start now and discover if you are related to royalty, or have an infamous criminal in your past? It’s one more activity to cross off your bucket list.

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