If you fancy learning a new sport that is a little more unusual, you could add the idea of taking an archery class to your bucket list.

Perhaps it’s something you did as a small child, making your own bow and arrow out of wood and string. Archery is a recognised sport in the Olympic games, and you may have admired the skill of the athletes as they attempt to hit the target. There will undoubtedly be a beginner’s class that you can join.


What to Expect in Archery Classes

You can be assured that archery will be taught by an experienced professional, as obviously, there is a risk to using what essentially is a weapon. Initially, you will probably be taught alone until you have mastered the art of safe shooting.

It’s essential that you learn the rules and etiquette that are necessary for archery. The basics will need to be mastered first, and the bow will not have any sights that help you find the bullseye.

Even the seemingly simple task of collecting your arrows needs to follow a specific procedure for safety reasons.

Advice for beginners

Beginners will simply have to hit the target as a whole rather than a specific area of it, before moving on to more advanced training. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it looks. There’s more to it than drawing the string and shooting!

You will probably be given a fibre glass barebow to start with, and different sizes are available. It is best to do some warm-up stretches as it’s actually a pretty physical sport.

If bringing out your inner Robin Hood is on your bucket list, then taking an archery class can be the start of an intriguing new hobby, and you can even progress to a competitive level.



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