There are many ways in which to support wildlife conservation or the preservation of rare species.

Although simply giving to an animal charity is undoubtedly worthwhile, it is nice to do something that has a specific outcome. A relatively new idea is to adopt your favourite zoo animal, and it’s on many people’s bucket lists. Each zoo will have its own program, with different packages available. The cost of running a zoo runs into tens of thousands of pounds every month.


Choosing the Zoo

Most of the more well-known zoos in the UK have an animal adoption opportunity. For example, Twycross Zoo offers a wide choice of animals, including Amur leopards, Chilean flamingos, ring-tailed lemurs, Bornean orangutans and Eastern black rhinos.

The money made through adopting a zoo animal not only goes towards their upkeep but also contributes to endangered species. Dartmoor Zoo is unique in allowing you to adopt a specific named animal, and be able to follow their progress. It’s also possible to arrange adoption as a gift to surprise your friends or family.

At Chester Zoo, your name will be displayed next to the animal’s enclosure to show your support, with over 46 species to choose from.

What to Expect

Typically, you can set up the adoption online and receive a welcome package through the post. For example, you could receive a photo of the animal, a cuddly toy, a pen, a fridge magnet, and of course, the adoption certificate. Some zoos will also include an admission ticket or a pass to enable you to visit at any time.

If adopting your favourite zoo animal is on your bucket list, it’s a straightforward process and will give you a great deal of satisfaction, knowing how much you have helped wildlife preservation.


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