Have you always wanted to go scavenger hunting but never really got around to do it?

Is a day at the beachfront with your family or friends something you have wanted to do but are not quite sure how to organise everything? Creating a scavenger hunt can be fun and easy. Just follow our guidelines for a relaxing day at the beach.


Search for Inspiration

A scavenger hunt can be as elaborately thought out as you want it to be. Create an easy quest or take inspiration from reality shows that have more challenging tasks for the participants. There are over 1,500 UK beaches where you can test ideas!

You can print out a ready-made template of things to discover or go to the beach in advance and hide some extra treasures to be found. Rocks, pinecones, sticks, driftwood, leaves and shells are usually found on the beaches.

Depending on the age of the participants, you can also have them take photos of different items on the beach.

A Fun Day at the Beach

Have a spontaneous scavenger hunt with your family or create a whole party around it. A scavenger hunt is something everybody enjoys, and it can also be a part of an adult beach picnic. If the beach allows, have a bonfire or a barbeque with your friends after the hunt, and enjoy time spent with those closest to you.


A Great Source of Materials

Create a hunt to gather materials for different projects with the kids. Rocks can be painted as butterflies or spiders. Shells and sand can be put in a glass jar with candles for an easy lantern. You can also glue sand onto flowerpots to create beautiful planters. Craft projects made from the scavenger hunt treasures make great souvenirs of the fun day.



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