Have you always admired beautiful, mansion-like libraries that people tend to have in the movies?

Do you love reading, but you find books scattered around the house or occupying shelves in mismatched order? It is possible to achieve a well-organised library at your home that is both beautiful and easy to use.

Take inspiration from the world’s most beautiful libraries and transform your home library into an inviting reading area. Follow our guidelines, and you can have the library of your dreams.


The Collection

Start with going through your own collection. Are there books that you would like to sell or donate? Dust off your old books and make an assessment of how many volumes you currently own. You might be eager to start growing your collection, but first, consider the space you have reserved for the library. Do you have an entire room to spare, or does the area have other functions as well?

You can always add shelves but remember to leave some open space for additional storage and decorative pieces.

Add Inviting Pieces

A perfect library for you might mean modern, white, and clean shelves with organised rows of books or an eclectic collection of volumes in antique bookcases. Whatever your taste, the room should be inviting and have pieces of furniture that are both beautiful and comfortable. If you have enough space, add a desk in the room for perusing larger books or maps.

Be Inspired

Select the colour scheme according to your own preferences but choose from a palette that goes well with the theme of the library. Usually, books themselves are pretty colourful, but you can add more colour with curtains, rugs, and flowers.

A view out of the window allows you an opportunity to relax your thoughts and give your brain a different activity while taking a break from reading. In case your library does not have a window, a visually exciting artwork or a print works as well.



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