After enduring a long, cold winter, you probably yearn for the first signs of spring approaching.

It is an opportunity to feel a little warmth on your skin. To make it more of an occasion, you could perhaps have the idea of a bluebell woodland walk on your bucket list. This is a surprisingly easy objective to achieve with forward planning and would make a lovely day out for all the family.


Planning Your Bluebell Woodland Walk

Obviously, the first step is to find the best place to go, with guaranteed bluebell sightings. You can head over to the Wildlife Trusts website to start your search. Typically, the earliest you can expect to see these gorgeous blue flowers is from the middle of April onwards.

No matter where you live, there is sure to be a wood near you, as there are actually over 100 places to enjoy your bluebell walk.

What to Expect

More than half of the bluebells throughout the world are found in the UK. The woodland variety is the true species, whereas those found in your garden are likely to be Spanish. You will be pleased to see that the bluebell woods are usually free to enter.

Don’t forget to take a camera, and remember not to pick the flowers, but leave them for other’s enjoyment. As soon as you get near the wood, you will notice the gorgeous fragrance of the bluebell.

Although the bluebell will undoubtedly be the star of the show, there are other songs of spring to look out for. You can spot other early flowers and listen to the singing of the birds as they emerge from the depths of winter. Going on a bluebell woodland walk is an enjoyable achievement to cross off your bucket list.



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