Sometimes, the simplest things can give the greatest pleasure and are fun to add to your bucket list as they can be easily achieved. One of them is planning a family picnic.

Of course, the UK weather can sometimes get in the way, but don’t let that hold you back! There are really only two aspects to concentrate on; where to have the picnic and what to eat. It’s not necessary to travel miles to enjoy the occasion; younger children will enjoy the experience of eating out in their own garden.


Picnic Food

What to eat will be dependant on your family’s own tastes. Still, there are some staples that consistently tend to feature in a picnic. Sandwiches are an easy option but don’t add any moist fillings, which may make the bread soggy and unappetising.

Pasta salad is always popular and can be transported in one large bowl for people to simply help themselves. Snacks such as sausage rolls, crisps, cheese, and cold pizza will be eagerly devoured.

Don’t forget the sweet treats, as biscuits and cupcakes are sure to be in demand.

The Necessary Equipment

Transporting the food is something to consider, and as pretty as a traditional picnic basket is, it’s not very practical. Plastic containers will keep everything fresh, preferably packed in a cool bag. Paper plates are an easy option and can be simply disposed of afterwards. Consider freezing any drinks beforehand, so they stay cold and refreshing.

Don’t forget wipes to keep the kids clean, and make sure you tidy any rubbish away.

Planning a family picnic is a great bucket list choice and will provide happy memories. Take the opportunity to play some outdoor games together; bring frisbees or a football and simply enjoy spending time in the fresh air.


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