What is number one on your bucket list? For many people, you can guarantee that visiting the pyramids in Egypt will be the first choice.

It’s a truly fascinating experience, best experienced in the morning when it will be less crowded. There is a lot to see, so plan your itinerary in advance, and be aware that it will require a lot of walking.

Some of the terrain will be hilly, especially if you start at the Sphinx entrance and work your way up to Panoramic Point.


What Not to Miss at the Pyramids

There are nine pyramids on site, and you can visit Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. You can actually go inside the Great Pyramid if you wish. However, do be aware that this comes at an extra cost and is not included in your ticket price. It’s not suitable for those who are claustrophobic, as the rooms are hot and dark. But where else are you going to get the opportunity to see a true wonder of the ancient world?

One of the best views of the pyramid is at Panoramic Point, and you can see across the whole Giza plateau. Of course, the Sphinx is the main attraction and is a great photo opportunity.

Don’t expect to be able to climb the Sphinx or any of the pyramids. It is strictly forbidden.

Visit the Pyramids in Style

For a more immersive experience, you can go on a camel ride, and visit the Valley Temple where mummification took place. If you visit during the evening, you can enjoy the Sound and Light show, which illuminates the pyramids in a rainbow of colours.

Visiting the pyramids of Egypt is a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience and is worthy of being at the top of your bucket list.


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