Do you enjoy cooking? Do you have some favourite, secret dishes that have been handed down to you? If so, perhaps it is time to create a family cookbook.

This will be a legacy for future generations and preserve something of your family’s heritage and traditions. Thinking of appropriate recipes can bring back treasured memories.


Share Unique Recipes

Ideally, for this project, there should be some tried and trusted recipes that have been passed down through the years. Although, that’s not to say you can’t start some new traditions!

A collaborative project can bring all the family together to contribute their own particular favourites and add anecdotes to tie the story together.

A book is also an opportunity for learning new culinary skills as you try to recreate some dishes you have not eaten for years.


Putting the Book Together

From the outset, you need to decide whether this is simply a fun project and just for your family’s benefit. Do you prefer it to be handwritten to inject more personality, with photos tucked into it?

Or has the thought of actually publishing it for other readers crossed your mind? It’s surprisingly easy to create a book these days, with affordable software packages using a simple drag-and-drop format.

There is so much to enjoy when creating a family cookbook, and it can be interesting to chat with older generations, to discover long-forgotten recipes. Maybe they have wartime memories and learned to cook with limited rations.

Or perhaps your family has roots in another country, and you wish to preserve some of that culture. This is the perfect addition to a bucket list for anybody who especially enjoys cooking and spending time with their family.


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