If you have a longing to tread the boards and explore your acting, singing or dancing talents, then a community theatre group is the ideal place to start.

It’s a great addition to your bucket list, and working with other amateurs will make it less intimidating. The local audience will be more forgiving if you forget a line or don’t quite hit the right note in a song.

But you will still get a great sense of satisfaction as the curtain comes down on your performance.


Find a Theatre Group

The first step is to find a local group that meets your needs. If you can’t sing, then a company that specialises in musicals may not be for you.

If you can’t get to grips with Shakespeare, then a theatre group that puts on pantomimes may be more suitable.

In fact, the period over Christmas and New Year is when many new productions are unveiled to the public, and more actors are typically required.

If you are aged under 25, then the National Youth Theatre often has local auditions. They will also run workshops where you can hone your skills, and try out new ones, maybe have a go at improvisation.


On-stage, or Off-Stage?

But maybe you love theatre but don’t want to be on stage? There are plenty of opportunities to work behind the scenes in your local theatre group. Perhaps you enjoy working with costumes or have a knack for painting the scenery.

There may also be musical roles if the group has a small orchestra or a chorus line.

No matter what your interest in the theatrical world, there will be a role for you. Adding this to our bucket list will enhance your personal growth and allow you to make meaningful connections within your local community.


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