There can’t be many people who haven’t stared up at the night sky and wondered precisely what they are looking at.

Are they stars or planets? Is that an asteroid or a comet? If learning to stargaze is on your bucket list, then there are several ways you can put this into action.


Visit an Observatory

One of the easiest ways to start is by visiting your local observatory. They often have open evenings where you will be introduced to astronomy by an expert.

They will have incredible telescopes with high magnification to help you identify the constellations. You may even be given a map of the skies you can take away, to help with your stargazing at home.

The observatory may also have a club you can join, where you can meet like-minded friends, as you gaze in awe at the night sky.


The Necessary Equipment

After your first taste of stargazing, you may wish to continue this fascinating hobby at home. The first thing to consider is what equipment to purchase.

The most obvious item is the telescope, which ranges from the most basic, to those of higher specifications, and you should set your budget accordingly.

Even a simple pair of cheap binoculars will allow you to see the many craters of the moon in closer detail.

You can also find apps for your mobile that show you the current positions of the stars, galaxies and planets.

You may wish to consider going on a field trip to get the best view of the sky. If you live in a built-up area, then your view may be obscured by street lights or tall buildings.

Learning to stargaze is a rewarding pastime and one you will be happy to cross off your bucket list.



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