Everybody should have a bucket list featuring their own personal choice of exciting things you want to do but have never got around to arranging.

If you wish to jump out of a plane and do a thrilling skydive or you have a special place you have always wanted to visit then a 2021 bucket list is something you should consider.

The choice is endless, but the task or visit should involve doing something that is important to you and will provide you with everlasting happy memories and satisfaction.


What to Put on Your Bucket List

Why not make someone’s life better, and consider volunteering in a hospital or nursing home? You could lead the activities for the day such a being the bingo caller or do something useful like caring for someone’s hair or nails.

If adventure is more your thing consider arranging a volcano trip, a hot air balloon ride or take a trip to see the Northern Lights.

Maybe you fought in the war and want to visit the sites relevant to your experiences in the armed forces. Literally, the world is your oyster.

Why a Bucket List?

You are sure to have more than one wish that you would like to fulfil in your lifetime, and having a structured list can provide a source of inspiration.

Think about how much fun you can have planning each exciting event and then having the satisfaction of ticking it off the list. For example, arranging a safari in the depths of winter can be a welcome distraction to the cold weather.

There is no limit to the number of things you can plan for, but a list is a handy way of prioritising which wish you want to undertake first. This should be of great significance and make you happy at the thought of actually doing it.

Ask yourself what you would really like to do or achieve in your life and start writing your bucket list for 2021 now! To get started, consider using our very own Planning Your Adventure Bucket List here.



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