Social etiquette may be seen as somewhat old-fashioned but having good manners is still essential today.

If trying a social etiquette class is on your bucket list, it can actually be great fun and a chance to meet new people.

Once you have acquired these new skills, you will be more confident and able to handle any situation. Table manners are probably what most people think of when considering etiquette, and perhaps you remember being told not to put your elbows on the table!


What is Social Etiquette?

First of all, what exactly is social etiquette and does it even matter? There are several aspects of social etiquette which you may already be practising and some you are not aware of.

For example, most people try to be on time, give other individuals personal space and if male, open doors and give up your seat for a woman. However, it is the social occasions when it is easy to make a mistake or not have a clue what to do.


Social Etiquette Classes

There is actually an institution called The British School of Etiquette which offers both individual and group courses. These cover subjects such as dining etiquette, body language, mobile phone etiquette, public speaking and social introductions.

There are various online courses available for both adults and children, ranging from business to social etiquette.

As you can see, there is a lot more to social etiquette than knowing which fork to use at a fancy restaurant! So, if you wish to improve your manners and feel comfortable, no matter what the occasion, then you can easily cross trying a social etiquette class off your list.

Plus, you can teach your new-found skills to your children and be immensely proud of their good manners.



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