Have you ever actually looked back on your life and realized that there was one momentous occasion or one particular person that led you to where you are today?

For most people, that would bring to mind one of their teachers, who inspired and motivated you to make something of your life. At the time, you may not really have appreciated this, and not correctly thanked them. That is why writing a thank you letter to a teacher who inspired you is often on many people’s bucket lists.


To Send or Not?

Although you may have every intention of posting your thank you letter, that might be something of a challenge, depending on how old you are and when you actually left school.

Trying to track down your inspirational teacher could be difficult. However, you don’t actually have to send it.

Just writing it and expressing your gratitude can be very therapeutic. You can pour your heart and soul into the letter knowing that nobody is going to read it.


An Open Letter

A different idea is to actually write the letter without naming the specific teacher and have it published in a magazine or online. You can write an open letter for anybody to read and perhaps it will make others realize that they should thank their teachers while they still have the chance.

You will still have the satisfaction of knowing that you have given thanks where credit is due. You could also send it to your old school and let them know how valued their education was.

It’s never too late to write a thank you letter to a schoolteacher who inspired you, and if this is on your bucket list it’s a task you can quickly cross off within an hour or so.



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