Wine is undoubtedly seen as one of life’s greatest pleasures and a great way to unwind after a hard day, socialize at weekends or to enhance a delicious meal.

If however, you actually know very little about it, then learning how to taste and appreciate wine will no doubt be on your bucket list. It doesn’t matter if your preference is red, white or rose, there is a great deal to learn, and it will obviously make for an enjoyable experience!

Some classes also include complimentary food for a full evening’s entertainment.


Wine Tasting Courses

It is straightforward to find a wine tasting course, as they are held in various locations and range from single days to several months, depending on how in-depth you wish to explore.

You can learn about wine in a friendly environment with like-minded people with none of the snobbery and stuffiness sometimes associated with the subject.

A typical evening class will introduce you to six different wines and how to match them with food.


What You Will Learn

A more in-depth course will not just focus on the taste of the wine, but introduce you to their background, giving you a greater appreciation.

You will discover the different grape varieties, local wine-making techniques, how different climates affect the wine, the aromas and flavours, and how to spot faults in the wine you have chosen.

You can also take classes that focus on specific regions or countries such as Bordeaux, Australia, the Loire Valley, California and Burgundy.

Learning how to taste and appreciate wine is an excellent addition to your bucket list and one that is easily achieved. You will be able to impress your friends and family, and have no fear of making a fool of yourself by ordering the wrong wine in a restaurant!



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