If you possess a special set of skills that you have acquired through your interests or hobbies, perhaps you could pass that information on to other people.

Teaching a workshop at your local community centre can be very satisfying, and it’s not surprising that it’s on many people’s bucket lists. But where do you start? How do you even know if anybody would be interested in what you can teach?


Approach the Community Centre

The first step is to actively seek out a list of the current activities that are already on offer at the community centre.

Obviously, you don’t want to duplicate anything that already exists.

Ask if you can attend a workshop so you can see how it’s structured.

You need to decide if you can cover your specific interest in just one class or whether it lends itself to an ongoing course. For example, you could perhaps teach Christmas cookery and make a different lunch every week.


Put Together Your Workshop

Just because you can talk endlessly about your favourite subject that doesn’t mean that you can teach it. You will need to gather materials to illustrate what you are doing.

It would be an excellent idea to create a small booklet that people can take away for further inspiration.

Ask the centre whether they have whiteboards or a projector you can borrow. Think about the maximum number of people you would like to attend.

Having decided that this is one task you are going to complete from your bucket list, you need to build up your confidence to be able to teach your workshop. Perhaps you could try delivering it to friends and family first to see if they enjoy it.

So, whether you want to teach yoga, gardening or arts and crafts, now is the time to run your own workshop.



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