Nowadays, staycation breaks have become the norm for many people. There is no better way to have an outdoor holiday.

If you have ever wanted to camp out in the countryside and enjoy the wide-open spaces, then glamping should be the top of your bucket list.


What is Glamping?

This form of holiday is a step up from camping, and you can expect such creature comforts as proper beds and lighting. It also offers decent cooking facilities, outdoor space, and a particular element of luxury to your experience.

With sites all over the UK and abroad, you can expect excellent facilities and a degree of luxury, which sets this type of accommodation head and shoulders above traditional tent holidays.

If you enjoy the great outdoors and observing the fabulous wildlife and fauna of the country, then you should consider taking a glamping holiday in the UK. You can even find locations close to major attractions on the coast, in National Parks, and close to local tourist sites.

Some sites even offer hot tubs and saunas to make your stay even more enjoyable.


Why not tick one more thing off your bucket list and indulge yourself in a luxury form of camping in the desired location of your choice? You will be the envy of your friends and family, who may not have considered glamping before. Enjoy wide-open spaces and tranquility while retaining that essential air of style and excellent facilities.

If you have always wanted to try an outdoor holiday but didn’t see the attraction of camping under canvas, then glamping is a fantastic compromise. With an abundance of locations, you can even indulge yourself without the considerable expense of staying in a hotel. Try it now, cross it off your bucket list and discover why glamping is such fun.


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