Did you know that the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) would like us all to drink more water each day?

They recommend that most people should drink at least 125oz of water daily. If you value your health, why not put this on your bucket list of things to achieve in your life?


Why Set a Target for Drinking Water Every Day?

The NAM is a non-government organisation that provides medical advice but does not seek to make a profit. They suggest that women should consume 91oz of daily water and men 125oz of water.

This can be from food or beverages. Although people who live in hot climates should drink more and also physically active people. So if you want to improve your overall general health and feel fitter, then, drinking enough water is essential.

It promotes weight loss by reducing sugar cravings and can help to prevent constipation and bladder and kidney infections. It regulates body temperature and helps dilute food to make it more digestible.

Looking and feeling good, losing weight and preventing disease, the benefits of water are immeasurable. Having a plan and introducing this to your bucket list is a win-win situation.


Why Introduce Water to Your Bucket List?

Good health is at the forefront of everyone’s life ambitions so promoting a goal of drinking enough water makes sense. You will no doubt have other exciting things on your own list of things to do, but without being healthy, some of them may not be easy to achieve.

For example, jumping out of a plane at high altitude requires a considerable physical effort that could be better served by losing weight. White water rafting or swimming with dolphins requires a high level of physical fitness and mental wellbeing.

So why not consider adding this particular goal to your bucket list right now?



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