A poor sleep pattern can lead to nights of misery and days of exhaustion in a never-ending cycle.

It’s no surprise that changing this pattern is on many people’s bucket list.

However, it’s not that difficult to develop a 10-minute daily routine to improve sleep. Once established, it can improve your life in ways beyond measure.


Finding Your Ideal Sleep Pattern

The first thing to actually establish is how much sleep you actually need to allow you to wake up feeling fully refreshed and eager to start the day. This can be anything between four and eight hours.

Obviously, the time you need to get up for work or other responsibilities will determine the endpoint of your sleep.

Try going to bed earlier each evening until you feel you have reached the optimum number of hours of sleep.

10 Minutes Before Bedtime

What you do in the 10 minutes before going to bed can make a difference in your sleep quality. Most obviously, go to the toilet, so as not to be disturbed later.

Turn off your phone or laptop, and preferably don’t keep it your bedroom. The light from the flickering screen can keep you awake. Five minutes reading, nothing too exciting or complicated, can help your mind wind down and ensure its a physical book rather than an electronic device.

Follow this with five minutes of meditation to establish a slow breathing pattern.

During the day, try and take some light exercise and get out into the fresh air. Being in daylight will help to keep your body clock in sync with its natural rhythms. Once you have established good quality sleep, that’s one more thing to tick off your bucket list.

You should see an improvement in your performance, energy levels, mood, concentration and even your relationships.



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