Christmas is, of course, the season of giving. Still, typically the majority of people only think of their own family.

The recent pandemic has undoubtedly made us more aware of looking after others, perhaps checking up on neighbours if they are isolating.

Taking this a step further, a great addition to your bucket list would be to deliver some homemade holiday treats to someone unexpected. Imagine the joy of receiving something that has been made by hand.


Homemade Sweet Treats

Even if cooking is not really your thing, it is surprisingly easy to put together some homemade desserts. For example, a quick search on the internet will soon reveal numerous tasty treats that only need four ingredients.

For instance, lemon whip, which only requires jelly, evaporated milk, lemon rind and whipped cream.

Imagine if you put this in a fancy glass, maybe decorated with Christmas symbols and delivered this as a surprise to your neighbours!

Homemade Christmas Decorations

If you are wary of delivering foodie treats, not knowing if your recipients have dietary requirements, you can create homemade decorations instead. Plan this well in advance, so you can provide them at the start of the season, in plenty of time for decorating.

There are plenty of kits available, with everything you need, so you don’t even have to do a lot of shopping. The easy to follow instructions will ensure that you craft attractive items with little experience.

Delivering homemade holiday treats to someone unexpected will give you a warm feeling and is an easy bucket list plan to fulfil. There are really only two steps.

Deciding what to make and then who to deliver it to! You could even do this secretly and leave the gift on their doorstep with a mysterious note!



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