The Equator is the midpoint of the Earth, directly between the North and South poles. It is about 24,901 miles long, and just over one-fifth of it lies on land.

Whether you just want a cool photo opportunity, or you’ve always longed to stand on the Equator, our quick guide gives you some helpful tips.

Choose Your Continent

The Equator passes through three different continents and 11 countries. These are Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil in South America, Indonesia in Asia, and Gabon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Republic of Congo and Sao Tome and Principe in Africa.

Indonesia is the country with the most land on the Equator, so this may be the best place to visit if you wish to stand on this particular circle of latitude; however, there are many suitable landmarks elsewhere that you can visit, starting with:

Mitad del Mundo, Ecuador

Literally meaning ‘the middle of the world‘, this landmark attraction can be found 20km north of Quito and offers visitors the opportunity to stand with one foot in each hemisphere.

If you want a more adventurous, and less touristy, place to straddle the Equator in Ecuador, try Chimborazo, which is the country’s third highest mountain.

Kampala-Masaka Road, Uganda

Another excellent crossing point for the Equator is in Uganda, close to the capital Kampala. A monument marks the place where the southern hemisphere is separated from the northern; why not combine your trip with a fun-filled safari?

Pontianak, Indonesia

The city of Pontianak in Indonesia is located almost precisely on the equator and is known as Kota Khatulistiwa, or the Equatorial City, across the country.

Again, the location of the hemispheres is marked, although this is no longer accurate as the Equator has drifted gradually south since the Equatorial Monument was first built in the 1920s!

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