If you’d like to try something new and inspiring, as well as thrilling and adventurous, sailing is the way to go!

What is Sailing?

Enjoyed by millions around the world, sailing has become one of the favourite pastime activities in today’s world. Whether adults or children, sailing is pulling more and more people into its magnificent world of gusting winds and rushing waters.

The Thrill of Sailing

Sailing takes advantage of wind propelling the boat forward. The sails are also powered by wind; thus no engines are needed. In contrast to surfing, for example, sailing happens in an enclosed boat.

There are two types of sailing that you’ll want to know about; racing and cruising. Racing is the one you’ll most likely see in the Olympics, and cruising is what you’ll want to do on your next holiday.

The two types of boats used in sailing are a yacht (large) or a dinghy (smaller). So, if you’re at all inspired to look for the best yacht clubs around, we encourage you to do so!

Benefits of Learning to Sail

Why should you learn to sail? Here are three reasons that suggest sailing could actually be very beneficial for your wellbeing as a person.

1. A Way to De-stress.

Spending time outdoors, surrounded by beautiful waters and a blue sky, can do great things for your mental health.

Breathing in fresh air, and being away from the hustle and bustle of daily routines is very therapeutic to say the least, and beneficial for your core being.

If you feel the pressure of life on your shoulders, head to the waters on a sunny day, and sail away!

2. Confidence Booster.

Sailing teaches you to be independent, using the new skills you learn, and this, in turn, can help to build your confidence, not just in regards to sailing, but life in general.

That’s good news!

3. It’s Fun!

Meeting different people and learning new skills is just plain fun, and sometimes that should be enough reason to try something new. Go ahead!

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