Losing weight and keeping it off is an goal that many people have and struggle to accomplish. One of the biggest problems in the world of weight loss is unrealistic expectations about how much weight you’ll lose, and how quickly you’ll be able to lose it.

The key to gradual and maintained weight loss is adopting a healthier diet in conjunction with a better exercise regime. Doing one but not the other, will more than likely reduce the desired impact. While quick fix diets and radical weight loss options can sometimes show fast results, it can often be difficult to keep the weight off for a significant period of time.

Counting Calories

One practical thing you can do is use a calorie counting app such as the popular My Fitness Pal. Don’t try to do anything too significant right off the bat. Use the app features to find out how much of a calories deficit you need to attain, and then adjust slowly.

It’s better to end each day with 200 calories to spare, than to have 1,500 calories left over, once or twice a month.

It is also important to consider the nutrients contained in the food that you are eating. Fruit is healthy in moderation, but if you binge on it you’ll be taking in as much sugar into your body as you would by drinking a can of a sugary soft drink. In general, balance and moderation are the key to weight loss.

Working Out

Next comes exercise. Cardio exercises that burn calories and keep the fat off are a good idea. However, lifting heavy weights can also be a great way to lose weight, as this will burn calories over a longer period of time after you finish your exercise routine.

Don’t try to do anything too big during your first few weeks of exercise, otherwise you risk picking up an injury that could set your fitness ambitions back by months. Instead, do what you feel comfortable with, and build up towards bigger things.

Facing the Scales

Finally, as difficult as it may be, weigh yourself regularly and don’t be too disappointed if it takes a few weeks to start seeing results. You’ll probably notice a difference in the way you feel before the pounds start to fall off.

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