You may enjoy a fine whisky every now and then, but do you consider yourself to be a true connoisseur?

If so, then building the ultimate whiskey collection will feature pretty high on your bucket list. It’s surprisingly easy to start this rewarding hobby. Check out The Whisky Exchange to review hundreds of whiskies and start your collection.

It could even be quite lucrative if you decide to sell your collection in the future. Of course, the first step to any new venture is research, and there is a vast amount of information available on the internet.


Set Your Budget

You are no doubt aware that the finest whiskies are sold at auction and are incredibly expensive. Ideally, you should have a maximum figure in mind that you are prepared to pay for one bottle.

Would you prefer to have a smaller collection of rare examples or a more extensive selection of more affordable varieties? Some people may only wish to collect older bottles that already have a rarity value. Still, there is no harm in seeking out newer whiskys that could potentially increase in price.


Narrow Down Your Interests

Rather than just collecting random bottles, it will be more fun to select a specific interest, as this will require more research. Perhaps you prefer Irish whiskey, or something more exotic from Japan.

The one thing you do have to consider is whether you intend to actually drink any of your collection.

If you have like-minded friends, you can have a fun evening by opening two or three of your favourites to enjoy together.

Having decided your specific area of interest, now the excitement begins. Seek out nearby auctions or look for advertisements in your local newspapers. Take a look at the online auction sites to gauge an idea of current prices. In no time at all, you will have achieved your bucket list task and begun building the ultimate whisky collection.



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