Birds of prey are among nature’s most spectacular creations. The peregrine falcon, for example, can reach speeds of up to 389 kilometres per hour, while hawks are renowned for their excellent vision, and unmatched hunting skills.

A hawkery, or falconry, experience can be a great day out for all the family. In this article, we’re going to tell you how you can arrange your very own so you can remove it from your bucket list!

What is a Hawkery Experience?

Hawkery, or falconry, experiences usually allow visitors to get to know more about the particular skills, and abilities, of certain types of birds of prey, the relationship with their handlers, and the importance of their conservation.

Some experiences will even allow you to handle the hawk, while others give you the rare opportunity to see a bird in a hunting environment.

The Best Places to do a Hawkery Experience

Hawkery experiences can be purchased from the likes of Virgin Experience Days and Groupon, both of whom offer experiences in a range of different fields. Should you go with one of these, it’s likely that you’ll be given a voucher code, that must be used with a local bird of prey sanctuary or falconry centre within a certain period of time.

Alternatively, you could go directly to the establishment you’re planning on visiting. Many falconry centres will have days on which members of the general public can come in and view the hawks, while others even offer VIP packages to, allow you to get up close and personal with their resident birds.

Whether you’re particularly interested in hawks, or you merely want to experience an exciting day out, a hawkery experience offers plenty; why not book one today and tick this particular item off your bucket list?

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