There is no better way to embrace fast water and thrilling nature than to discover white water rafting. Rafting is for anyone who is looking to experience life’s heart-beating rush or seeking peace and getting lost in the moment. Rafting is one to put on your bucket list, and worth every splash.

Whitewater rafting comprises of a group navigating an ever-changing rapid river. The whitewater is graded on a range starting at one, which has gentle flowing waters with low dips and requires only basic skills.

It rises up to five, which is large waves and steep drops, better suited for well-experienced rafters and ultimately six, which is dangerously rough and impassable.

Here are two more reasons to go whitewater rafting.

Embrace Nature

Whitewater rafting is an outdoor activity that really gets you to embrace nature’s elements. The power of the water, pushing, and swiftly moving through gorges, allows you to interact with the environment in a unique way. Rafting allows a small number of people to access pristine scenery.

Whitewater rafting is much loved by many people across the world. It is an exhilarating experience, hopping into a raft and paddling it through dips, and bends, down the river. It can be easy or challenging, and a great way to get fit.


Rafting can be experienced in numerous countries. Whether it is rafting in Wales along the relaxing River Tryweryn (United Kingdom), exploring the crystal waters near the Mont Blanc mountain range (Italy), or spending a whole day on the Zambezi River, rafting the wild waters of Victoria Falls (Africa).

But, if you are seeking the ultimate adventure, then a trip only accessible by helicopter allows you to raft your way through North Johnstone River (Australia), passing through lush rainforest and ancient volcanos.

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